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Not the greatest

I enjoyed a few of the riddles, but many either don't make sense or aren't riddles at all. Most of the riddles I've gotten are just questions. Also, when I click the button that says "watch a commercial for a free hint," the app crashes and I don't see the solution to the riddle. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that many of the riddles have started repeating. Also, I completely understand the ads and there aren't many, which is good, but they're always for the same 2 apps. I understand that it's likely you'll enjoy a similar app to the one you're playing, but it's really annoying seeing the same two ads. I've tried your other app, but every time I go into this app I still see the ad for it. With a few improvements, I'm sure this could be a very enjoyable app. I think the main thing that needs improvement is the fact that the riddles aren't always riddles or don't make sense sometimes. Keep working on it!


Fun game with some hard and some easy


Makes u think. Have to be sharp tp get answer.


Get it

Fun game

Fun stuff love it


Love it!


It's good, but tricky


This game is cool but hard

Very fun game!

Challenges your brain and is very good👌👏

Riddle solver

This game is soo cool and a little bit hard but who doesn't like a little challenge #lovingthisgame


It's an awesome game

Its okay

At school my friends and I used to see who could tell the best riddles.Well I never won at that game.Ever.So I downloaded this game to learn some good riddles.I got stumped at some and passed others with flying colors.Literally this one time my brother was sitting at the table coloring and when I got the answer right on the first time I grabbed a handful of colors across the room.Im that obsessed.


The title says it all! :D Riddles are fun to solve, don't you think?


Thought riddles to solve


Fun but I keep getting the same riddles over and over


This game it's fun, but sometimes make me confused.


I like riddles and it seems like some fun


It's not bad but not my favorite game ever but it makes you think about it


Pretty fun but also hard

Great game

Some may be challenging but that's the point of the game to challenge ur self to think

I love it

I love the way how it works u brain out with finding out the riddles that they give u.


It's really fun

The game

This is a hard game do ou make a easier one???

Fun game

Makes you think. Not overly easy and a better way to pass time than average games.

Fun to play

So far so good

Brain teasers!

Great way to pass time and make you think! Love it!


Love it


Very fun and entertaining


Needs more hints


Kids and I have fun figuring these out together!


Great way to pass time


I love it!



Fun or not

Every body has an opinion , and I like this game. Most may not ,but I don't care. If you don't like this review so what!!!


love this game!!


Just simply amazing 😍😍😍

Good game

I like this game.




I just downloaded the game, I love riddles, this is pretty fun.


I love riddles and this satisfies my obsession

love it!



I love this game so much i can not stop playing it


Not bad, pretty challenging if I say so myself

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